Implementation Models

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Client Side Implementation

  • The SDK is deployed as part of your compiled application.
  • Noise Cancellation and Voice Clarity can be deployed quickly without external dependency.
  • 3D Spatial Audio can be enabled using real-time coordinate information to render sounds in specific locations.

Hybrid Implementation

  • The SDK installed on the client-side handles Noise Cancellation and Voice Clarity.
  • A central server-based solution handles 3D Spatial Audio.
  • The processing power is split between the server and application, ensuring less strain on your participant’s machines.

Server/Cloud Implementation

  • The SDK is connected to server application via a platform-specific adapter.
  • Engage Core will receive audio from all connected clients and send processed streams back through server application.
  • With coordinate information, 3D Spatial Audio can render sounds in real-time in specific locations.