Device Settings

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To achieve an optimal audio quality you will need to specify the physical audio equipment setup for each listener.

The Immersitech Engage SDK currently supports 2 categories of listening devices: headphones and speakers. The device type is set to headphones by default.

Please see the following documentation to change the device type:

Half-Span Angle

When the device type for a listener is set to speakers you will also need to set the half-span angle property.

Half-span angle refers to the relative angle between the listener and the physical speakers that they are listening to. The angle can be from 1 to 90 degrees (integer values). For quick reference, the following devices roughly correspond to the half span angle listed below:

Speaker TypeHalf-Span Angle (degrees)
Portable speakers7
Laptop speakers15
Large television sound bars25
Studio speakers30 – 45

To find the half span angle for your setup, you can measure the distance from your head to your speakers and also the distance between your speakers to calculate the angle as pictured below:

Please see the following documentation to change the half-span angle: