Quick Start

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The Immersitech SDK is a C/C++ library that functions as an audio mixer and audio processor featuring 3D spatial audio processing, noise cancellation, and speech enhancement.
The Immersitech SDK is currently made for people who have direct access to raw audio data. If you can access this, the SDK can collect them and return to you a raw audio output buffer that has been processed. Additionally, the Immersitech SDK allows you to change the audio settings in real time for any participant.



Obtain a License Key

If you haven’t done so already please reach out to us about starting a trial of the Immersitech Engage™ Core SDK now. You will need to obtain a license key before you can use the audio processing features that the sdk offers.

Download the binaries

You’ll need to download the pre-compiled binaries from the Developer Home Page. Please select the file that is specific to the platform where you will be developing with the Immersitech SDK.


The tar file includes libimmersitech.dll and libimmersitech.lib. You will need to link these files to your project. If you need additional help with Windows development please see the Visual Studio projects in our code examples.


The tar file includes libimmersitech.dylib. You will need to link this file to your project. If you need additional help with Mac development please see the XCode projects in our code examples.


Please reach out to us if you need a Linux build of the library. If you need additional help with Linux development please see the Makefiles in our code examples.

Make sure that your C / C++ libraries are up to at least:






If you plan on using the websocket server feature of the library, you will need to install and link the following libraries to your program:

-lcrypto -lssl

Generic Instructions

To use the Immersitech Library, include immersitech.h in your projects and add the functions to your code. You will also need to make sure to link the dynamic library to your project and ensure it is in the location you linked it to. When you initialize the Immersitech library you will need to provide the correct path to your license file.

The following files are also included in the tar file and are optional for more advanced feature usage:

immersitech_logger.h (optional if you want to implement a custom logger)
immersitech_event_manager.h (optional if you want to implement a custom event manager)
– room_layout.json (optional if you want to use custom room layouts)
– websocket_config.json (optional if you want to use the websocket server)

The Basics

Following the quick start is the best way to dive right into the code, but you may have some questions about some of the main concepts of the Immersitech Engage. That’s why we created The Basics to help you get up to speed with the terminology that is used.

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